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     Marianne grew up in Rochester, New York. After graduating from Syracuse University, she headed to New York City with a drama degree in her pocket and stars in her eyes. After two years of "booking" non-paid plays and student films, she realized her waitressing resume was way more impressive than her acting resume, and decided to make some changes. She'd seen a few stand up comedy shows in New York and was always impressed with the creativity and spontaneity that stand up offered performers. To her surprise, she learned that performing at the top clubs in New York City only meant bringing 3-5 people to the show! In return, she got 5-8 minutes of total comic glory. By exploiting all the friendships she'd ever had, Marianne was able to perform about 3 times before her supply of acquaintances was tapped. She then hit the open mic circuit and performed at smaller venues. Some of her favorite shows were at Laundromats, coffee shops and in front of her bathroom mirror - where she was a regular.
     Eventually, Marianne began producing her own shows. She ran "The BOM Comedy Show" for two years at Siberia - a popular midtown bar located in the subway station. Once this venue was shut down by the Health Department, she went to a new bar and founded "The Go-Go Comedy Show", a comedy show with a 60's themed twist in which go go dancers dance in between stand up sets.
      She also began traveling outside of NYC to do shows at clubs and colleges in Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island.
      Although she still acts in student films and an occasional play, Marianne loves doing stand up nightly at Sam's in midtown, The Underground, Governor's Comedy Cabaret, or Stand Up NY, where she's a regular. During the day you can find her chugging coffee and chillin with her homies at her local coffee shop in SoHa (South of Harlem), where she resides. You can see Marianne on TLC's "A Dating Story" and VH1's "All Access: Getting Naked" as a featured commentator.

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